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No Cost Support

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Clip Community Coffee Product UPC's, Save CC's Receipts, or Designate CC's Gift Cards

Do you use Community Coffee products? Community Coffee will donate thousands of dollars to schools in our area in exchange for UPCs, or bar codes, from Community brand products. TLS even gets credit for purchases made using a Community Coffee Gift Card if the card is registered on the Community Coffee website! Every UPC is worth up to 15 cents. We collect bar codes and CC's Coffee House receipts and send them to Community Coffee once a year. Community Coffee counts the UPCs and schools, like ours, are awarded their Cash for Schools checks each spring.


Send your  Community Coffee proofs of purchase to the school office.  

Secure Donations of Equipment, Supplies and Services

Businesses often wonder what they can do with excess office supplies and equipment. They'd like to be actively involved with a community organization doing good things. If your company wants to donate supplies, equipment or professional services, think about TLS -- and speak up! Any organization, individual, or company can support TLS by making charitable donations of equipment, supplies, or services that the school needs or would like to have. Contact the school principal to discuss a wide variety of items and services you may be able to help the school secure from your employer, a local business you frequent, a community organization you support, friends, or family members. Any donations of necessities that the school would normally purchase with operating funds will allow TLS to have resources available to use for other purposes.

Annual events, such as the golf tournament or auction, need donations, but there are other occasions that might also benefit. Equally important is your demonstration of support for our annual celebration of National Lutheran Schools Week, your help in recognizing teacher anniversaries, assisting us in showing our appreciation to our volunteers, and joining us in thanking speakers who come on campus to share their expertise with our students.  Contact the Admissions Office if you would like to help.

TLS is a federally-recognized nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) status. We are state-approved. Donations are tax deductible.


Clip Box Tops for Education Labels

The Box Tops for Education program (10 cents each Box Top) is a great way to receive cash for the labels clipped by friends of our school. Participating in the program is easy - simply save the labels and send them to school.