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Dinner for 8

Registration for Dinner for 8 is currently closed. If you would like to be added to our interest list, please use the button below to send an interest email. We will accommodate requests as we are able.

The purpose of Dinner for 8 is to continue building community outside of Sunday mornings.
Here's how it works: Dinner for 8 groups provide the opportunity to spend time eating and sharing together in a casual and relaxed atmosphere; just like a family at the dinner table! Click the button below to fill out the form and then you'll be placed in a group of 8. Group members will then take turns contributing to the meal each time their group meets. You will eat together a total of 4 times.
We need "leaders" for these dinners  to be our point of contact for each group and the coordinator for the group. As a leader you will contact your group members and find the dinner schedule that works best for your individual group. You will also host the first dinner.
There is no obligation to cook the entire meal - most groups plan to potluck and share the meal. Typically the host will provide the main course when it is their turn. If you are open to sharing your home for others to "host" in when it is their turn, please check that box, as well. 


How are the Dinner for 8 groups formed?
The Fellowship Ministry Team will take the registrations and prayerfully and thoughtfully create the dinner groups. We will try our best to keep groups local to each other. Leaders are chosen from those that indicate the option on their form. Leaders will be the first point of contact and, once confirmed, they will contact the rest of their group members.

When do the dinner groups meet? 
Between the beginning of July and end of September each group 
will meet 4 times. The host will present a couple of date options to your group with the goal of finding 4 dates that work for everyone. 

Do I have to cook or bake? 
You can make the food you bring to the meal or buy it at the store. Either way works! You do NOT have to be a chef to participate!

Do we have to do dinner specifically?
No! Your group can decide to do breakfast, brunch, or lunch, at any point. It is all on the table! These may be a good options for those that prefer to avoid late nights or driving at night.

What about my kids?
The decision to include kids is determined by your group. Keep in mind, not all groups will be open to hosting and cooking for children. Some groups will include children with the same menu items, some may include kids but have the parents bring food for them, some may find a sitter that comes to the home for all the kids to still enjoy being together, and some may opt to keep this event adults-only. 

What if someone has a food allergy or intolerance?
We encourage you to sign-up and to then communicate with your group. Depending on the circumstances, you may need to bring some meal items for yourself. Talk to your group and determine if they are comfortable with meeting your needs, though. We feel that fellowship around the dinner table is part of what makes us a family. It is where we pray together, laugh together, support each other, and make memories.