Buckets for Laura

Each five-gallon bucket should contain these 15 items:

  • Terry towels (4-pack or can buy in bulk and separate, thin not thick)
  • Trash bags (roll of 25, may need to buy in bulk and separate)
  • Mold control spray bottle
  • Ajax dish soap
  • Cleaner with bleach in spray bottle
  • Small first-aid kit
  • Duct tape roll
  • Scrub brush
  • Leather work/palm gloves (3-pack)
  • Disposable gloves (2-pack)
  • Sharpie permanent marker (2-pack)
  • 3M eyeglass protector
  • Small hygiene kit (or use feminine napkins/pads purchased in bulk then separate some into ziploc)
  • 11" zip ties/cable ties (100 pack or similar)
  • Sponges (3-pack, pack these last under the lid)