Here's what the families of our students have to say…

"This school has been one of the best blessings in my child's life.  Mine, too!"

"We have been so happy with every aspect of our daughter’s school experience this year that we could not imagine our son attending school anywhere else.  First of all, we are very pleased with the strong, well-developed curriculum. Additionally, we appreciate the extended support of programs such as Title 1 that aid students. Second, the teachers are not only “good” teachers, they are very involved in building students’ character and assisting students to develop socially and emotionally. It is obvious that the teachers foster a respectful atmosphere, but also present a kind, friendly demeanor. Finally, the overall school culture suits our children and our family. We hope to develop a responsible, dependable, kind, thoughtful, caring, loving, giving Christian attitude in our children. We feel that BRLS supports and develops these same convictions and teachings.  Everyone that I spoke to had positive things to say about the learning environment. When I toured the school, I liked the feel of the school and it appeared that the school has a loving attitude toward the kids, which is a top priority to me!"

"My younger sister attended BRLS for eight years and loved it! She is now in her first year of college and I see what a mature and well-rounded young lady she is. I truly believe that a good education is a cornerstone of a solid foundation. I believe that BRLS gave my sister both, and I wish to give the same to my son."

"We continue to choose BRLS because of the excellent education our daughter has received, and we hope to continue through 8th grade. She is morally and spiritually grounded here, and we believe that is a vital part of developing into a well-rounded person."

"BRLS has been an incredible blessing to our family."

"We love the good Christian ways at this school!"

"I started looking for a school for my daughter to get a quality education while learning Christian morals and values. In BR Lutheran my daughter and I found all that and more, we found a home with a knowledgeable and loving staff that treats us like family and WE all learn along the way.  Thanks for everything!"

"I'm so pleased with BRLS's system because I see a tremendous growth in my daughter. She is on the honor roll, joined the choir, participated with the Science Fair 2012, joined the cooking club, is enthusiastic about band, and loves hanging out with her peers. The teachers are great (warm and spirited). I'm impressed with my daughter's teacher.  Her teaching methods allow kids to be creative, accountable, and prepared for the next phase:  Junior High.  Baton Rouge Lutheran School provides a great foundation for young minds."

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