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   Flag Football (Boys)    
   Volleyball (Girls)
   Basketball (Boys)
   Basketball (Girls)
   Cheerleading (Girls)    
   Track & Field (Boys and Girls)

Sports participation lays the foundation of a healthy lifestyle through discipline and self-control as students adhere to a proper diet, supervised exercise, and their Christian values. As a school, we try to teach a healthy respect for mind, body and spirit – all necessary for a balanced, joyful life. That's why athletics is an important part of Christian education at Trinity Lutheran School. We encourage all interested students enrolled in grades 3-8 to participate in team or individual sports.

Our goal is to build Christian character on and off the sports field. Coaches teach our athletes to be fair, courteous, humble, and respectful of their fellow competitors. They help them train for success, develop skills, knowledge, and appreciation for each sport. At the same time, we encourage students to focus on the importance of academic learning. Athletes are required to maintain a 2.0 grade point average to practice and play any sport.

While our teams strive to win, winning is not our school’s main focus. We want our students to enjoy each sport as they learn the basic skills needed to be champions. We expect our students to give 100% of themselves and their abilities in support of their team and teammates. In those instances where a team does not win, our athletes are taught to accept defeat with grace; just as they are taught to celebrate victory with graciousness and consideration for those who have been defeated.

With the exception of practice for track and field events (held at a public high school track on weekends), all teams normally practice on our campus after school.  Games are rotated among the local Christian and private schools our teams compete against.  (South Louisiana/New Orleans area Lutheran schools compete against each other in an all-day track and field event in the New Orleans area.)