What We Believe

Our Mission

Trinity Lutheran School, as a ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church, will provide a strong, quality "Education Anchored In Christ" to prepare students and families for service to God and man.

Where do our students worship? 
Our students attend 57 different churches
of 10 different denominations. 
(24.7% of our students have no church home.)

Data updated October, 2015


Faith Statement


Students attend Trinity Lutheran School because their parents want to ensure that they receive a loving, quality, Christ-filled education. Trinity Lutheran School teaches what Lutherans believe.

• Lutherans believe God is three persons in one: the Father who created and sustains the world; the Son, who lived as a human being, died, and rose from the dead; and the Holy Spirit who works God's will in the world.
• Lutherans believe in Grace Alone: Our works do not save us; it is God's free gift.
• Lutherans believe in Faith Alone: The Holy Spirit gives us the gift of faith.
• Lutherans believe in Scripture Alone: God's Word is the only source of doctrine.

Children need to know they are never alone because God is guiding, helping, and protecting. They need to know what is right and what is wrong according to the only real standard for morality, the Bible. And, most importantly, children need to know that the free gift of Heaven is theirs because of the loving sacrifice of their Savior, Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Support


Our school exists to assist parents in carrying out their God-given privilege of bringing up children in the "discipline and instruction of the Lord." We believe that the home, church and school are involved in a partnership of instilling distinctively Christian values and attitudes in children. As parents, example and attitude make a powerful impact upon a child's growth as a Christian.

God makes it clear that He wants His people to receive the blessings of worship and study of His Word in the fellowship of other believers.
           "Thou shalt sanctify the Holy Day."
           "Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly."
           "Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together as the manner of some is."

Because of this, we expect school families to attend worship services and Sunday School on a regular basis, to support the Lord's work with their offerings and to participate in the life and work of the church. Families who are not members of another congregation are strongly encouraged to worship with us at Trinity Lutheran Church and to consider enrolling in the adult information class offered here.

Since every child's involvement in the church is important to us, a place is provided on each child's report card to record church and Sunday School attendance. This provides parents with a picture of their family's participation for a given report card period and, where applicable, helps them realize the need to improve in this important area. Our teachers and pastors stand ready to assist in meeting this parental responsibility.  Our goal is to have all of our school families involved in active and joyful worship and study of God’s Word. 

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