Plus Portals (access-restricted website)

Are you a parent who wants to know what's going on every day at your child's school?

Statistics show that students who have parents involved in their education are more likely to succeed.  With a few clicks of your computer mouse, information ranging from class assignments to your child's latest exam score are available for viewing with any Internet-capable device. We utilize an online service – -- to provide opportunities that increase parental involvement and enhance student learning.

Plus Portals allows families of students in preschool-grade 8 secure access to school news, classroom news, and general school calendars. Plus Portals also provides personalized calendar information, allows teachers to send e-mail reminders to the families of specific students, gives adults access to an online pictorial and information directory, and provides access to a range of photos, documents and Internet links that can entertain the whole family or promote the academic success of students.

Plus Portals allows families of students in grades 3-8 timely access to current grade averages, as well as assignments. Grades are uploaded weekly and, if you elect to receive e-mails from the school, you receive a notice when they are available. (Quarterly report cards for grades K-8 are still printed and sent home, as well as being uploaded to the website.)

By using a school-provided code, each adult in a family can register and create an account which will allow access to information on all the students in their family, as well as privileged information not available to any student. Activating at least one parent account is necessary so adults can be notified in minutes of any school-wide or community emergency through the use of a recorded message sent to multiple phone numbers, text and e-mail accounts.

Each enrolled student also receives access to Plus Portals. It is not required that a student activate his/her account, however students in grades 5-8 should activate their accounts and do receive Google e-mail addresses, linked to Baton Rouge Lutheran School, to develop their sense of personal responsibility and utilize organizational skills taught in Study Skills classes.   (The Google e-mail addresses will be permanently available to BRLS former students and graduates.)

Learn About Plus Portals -- view four brief videos

Have questions about our access-restricted website?  Please phone (225-272-1288) or e-mail ( and we'll try our best to provide the answers!

 Plus Portals is available to schools through Rediker Software, a world-wide school management software specialist.  

User Handout guides parents through the steps of activating an adult or student account here at Baton Rouge Lutheran School.