No Cost Support

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Here is a school newsletter that provided details of all the ways to support TLS without spending a cent

Clip Community Coffee Product UPC's, Save CC's Receipts, or Designate CC's Gift Cards

Do you use Community Coffee products? Community Coffee will donate thousands of dollars to schools in our area in exchange for UPCs, or bar codes, from Community brand products. TLS even gets credit for purchases made using a Community Coffee Gift Card if the card is registered on the Community Coffee website! Every UPC is worth up to 15 cents. We collect bar codes and CC's Coffee House receipts and send them to Community Coffee once a year. Community Coffee counts the UPCs and schools, like ours, are awarded their Cash for Schools checks each spring.

Shop at Office Depot

 Give the cashier the Trinity Lutheran School ID: # 70041437.   Office Depot is Taking Care of Education by providing the essential tools and supplies that students need to be successful in the classroom. Every time parents, students and school supporters give our school's 5% Back to Schools ID # 70041437 when buying supplies at Office Depot, TLS receives credits equal to 5% of the qualifying purchases.

Shop at Albertsons, Super Saver, Sav-on Drugs, and Osco Drug Stores

Do your friends and family shop at Albertsons, Super Saver, Sav-on Drugs, or Osco Drug Stores anywhere in the United States? Albertsons donates a percentage of purchases made by you, your family and friends back to Trinity Lutheran. The Albertsons Community Partners program donations are based on the use of a unique member number (on printed card or plastic keyring card) that is scanned at Albertsons, Sav-on or Osco store checkout registers. The amount of the purchase is automatically recorded by the computerized cash register and credited to our school's account. Every three months all transactions made using the Albertson's Community Partners Cards are totaled at the national office. Albertson's calculates the percentage that will be awarded and sends Baton Rouge Lutheran a check. The greater the amount of our total purchases, the larger our percentage will be. The amount of Albertsons contribution is calculated on a sliding scale, up to a maximum of $1,800 per quarter or $7,200 a year. Shopper cards are always available from the school office for family and friends.

Clip Campbell's Labels for Education, General Mills Box Tops for Education labels, and Tyson Project A+ labels

The Labels for Education program is a great way to earn FREE merchandise for our school, and Campbell's makes it easy to redeem labels. With your help, Trinity Lutheran School can earn points for free school supplies needed to help our staff teach. The Boxtops for Education program (10 cents each Box Top) and Tyson frozen products Project A+ program (24 cents each label) are also great ways to receive cash for the labels clipped by friends of our school. Participating in any of these programs is easy - simply save the labels and send them to school.

Collect My Coke Rewards Codes

My Coke Rewards codes are printed inside the tear-off opening to 12-pack (or larger) boxes and on 2-liter and 20-ounce bottle caps from Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Dasani, Powerade, Sprite, Fanta, Minute Maid, Barqs, VAULT, and Pibb Xtra products. You can enter the codes on the My Coke Rewards website by electing to donate the reward points to Trinity Lutheran School (click the Donate To Your School button.) Or, you can simply send the codes (printed cardboard or bottle caps) to school and a volunteer will do that for you! Reward points are redeemable for athletic equipment, books, classroom supplies, and more.

Recycle Inkjet Cartridges and Cellular Phones

Save empty inkjet cartridges and cellular phones since both can be recycled for cash by TLS.    The school will earn money for each cartridge and cell phone we recycle -- with no overhead costs for us. (We cannot accept toner cartridges for this program.)  Send empty inkjet cartridges or any brand cellular phone to school (in a plastic bag labeled "Recycle.")  If you prefer, you can drop the cartridges or phones directly in one of the recycling bins located in the first floor school or office hallways. Our school earns up to $3 per inkjet cartridge and $2.25 per qualifying cell phone. Our students learn about safe recycling, landfill trash is reduced, and BRLS receives 100% profit since free shipping is provided.

Use Good Search Web Search Engine

If you use Good Search web engine when you search for information on the web and have recorded that you support TLS, we get a cash donation for every search. It's only a few cents each time, but those cents can add up to dollars!

Secure Donations of equipment, supplies and services

Businesses often wonder what they can do with excess office supplies and equipment. They'd like to be actively involved with a community organization doing good things. If your company wants to donate supplies, equipment or professional services, think about TLS -- and speak up! Any organization, individual, or company can support TLS by making charitable donations of equipment, supplies, or services that the school needs or would like to have. Contact the school principal to discuss a wide variety of items and services you may be able to help the school secure from your employer, a local business you frequent, a community organization you support, friends, or family members. Any donations of necessities that the school would normally purchase with operating funds will allow BRLS to have resources available to use for other purposes.

Annual events, such as the golf tournament or auction, need donations, but there are other occasions that might also benefit. Equally important is your demonstration of support for our annual celebration of National Lutheran Schools Week, your help in recognizing teacher anniversaries, assisting us in showing our appreciation to our volunteers, and joining us in thanking speakers who come on campus to share their expertise with our students.  Contact the Admissions Office if you would like to help.

TLS is a federally-recognized nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) status. We are state-approved and hold a state sales and use tax exclusion certificate. Donations are tax deductible.

Collection Bins are located in the school office hallway.