Mission and Philosophy


The mission of Trinity Lutheran Church is to praise God, love, grow and share our faith in Christ.

The mission of Trinity Lutheran Preschool is to be a high quality early childhood education preschool where the Christian faith is actively nurtured, and families and children are supported and encouraged in their walk with Christ.


The staff of Trinity Lutheran Preschool views each child as a unique, precious Child of God.  Through the work of the Holy Spirit, it is our privilege to help carry out Christ's command to care for the youngest of His kingdom in a partnership with their parents.  Our special joy is leading them to Jesus on a daily basis during formal "Jesus Time", weekly Chapel services, and daily opportunities to pray and sing and share moments of forgiveness and spontaneous expressions of Christian faith development!

Our daily goal is to help develop the whole child; spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.  Each child is led to experience God's world in a joyful, natural way.  We offer learning experiences that foster creativity and self-expression.  Our staff models a love for learning and their commitment to children as they celebrate the milestones of discovery each day.

We strive to provide a safe environment which offers comfort and care for infants and toddlers; meeting their developmental needs in a visually appealing, clean, and inviting atmosphere.  The children learn to trust and gain confidence when their physical and emotional needs are met in a consistent, loving, Christ-centered atmosphere.

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