To join Trinity Lutheran Church

New Members are received by transfer, affirmation of faith or adult instruction.  If you would like to become a member of the church, please contact a Pastor or Martha Rosendahl, our Membership Secretary.  

Confirmed Lutherans are welcome to join Trinity Lutheran Church by simply requesting a letter of transfer from your current church, reaffirmation of faith, or speaking to the Pastor. You are encouraged to attend Adult Instruction Classes. This informative class will introduce you to others who have expressed their desire to join and to review your catechism.  Classes are offered as needed and requested. 

If you are coming from a non-Lutheran church, you are asked to attend the Adult Instruction Classes which will help you understand what it means to be a Missouri Synod Lutheran. You will study Luther’s Small Catechism and the Bible.  You may also request private sessions, if desired.

For more information and to find out when the next classes are scheduled contact the church office at 225-272-3110.

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