Meet Our Staff

Church Ministerial/Worship Staff

Pastor David Buss     Senior Pastor                                         
Pastor Greg Moyer    Associate Pastor                                         
Nick Butcher              Director of Christian Education         
Kenzie Woltemath    Director of Christian Education         
Lisa Miller                  Director of Women's Ministry            

Church Office Staff

Abigail Iron Rope       Chief Operating Officer                      
Valerie Fine                 Part Time/Accountant                        
Lisa Miller                   Office Manager/Communications    
Martha Rosendahl     Membership  Secretary                           

School Staff

Harmon Butler           BRLS Principal              
Mikki Richard            Admissions                     
Jean Miller                  Secretary                         

Trinity Lutheran Preschool Staff

Abigail Iron Rope        Director of Early Childhood Ministries 
Jordan Cozzie               Trinity Lutheran Preschool Director     
Brooke Simon               Trinity Lutheran Preschool Supervisor


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