For Students

Trinity Lutheran School is here to provide each student an opportunity to develop strong moral values, make wise choices, and learn from both successes and mistakes. We set high expectations for ourselves, as educators, in order to provide a quality education in a safe, caring environment. At Trinity Lutheran School, you’ll find teachers and other adults who want to help you learn all you can, do your very best, and enjoy discovering and understanding new things.

About the classroom…

Each teacher will inform students of their classroom's basic rules. If you ever have any questions about what is expected, the best way to find an answer is to ask a teacher. If it is more convenient, consult the 2019-2020 Family Handbook to find answers to basic questions about dress code rules, grades needed for athletics eligibility, extracurricular opportunities open to someone your age, etc.

Every teacher at this school wants to help you to have a happy life and be successful in school. Don’t hesitate to talk with any teacher or staff member if you feel ill, confused, or simply need answers to questions about anything.

About the school…

At any time, for any reason, a student can request to speak with Mrs. Marinea McGehee, the school principal. You might not be able to speak with her immediately if she is involved with another student or activity, but she will find you and talk with you as soon as she can. She wants to listen and help you find solutions.

At Trinity Lutheran School we believe in our students – and in the ability of each to make good choices. Different grade levels and individual students have responsibilities that benefit others every day. Students take turns being responsible for raising and lowering the flags, helping our youngest students at afternoon dismissal, being chapel partners with younger students, collecting daily attendance records, leading fellow students to and from lunch and through fire and emergency drills, feeding and caring for class pets, and more.

Chapel services are held for all students in the church sanctuary every week. Sometimes the services are conducted by the school principal, Trinity Lutheran Church pastor or associate pastor, other church workers, or your fellow students. (Classes take turns preparing chapel services that incorporate drama, music and/or the use of technology.)  Prayer requests are always taken before the chapel service begins. Don’t forget to add your friends, family, or yourself to the prayer list. Prayer does make all things better!

Bringing an offering to chapel is a choice for you to make. Offerings are given to designated projects. Last year’s chapel offerings supported Southeast Ministries (food bank), Operation Christmas Child (filled shoeboxes), American Heart Association, the choir of Concordia University (New York), a cure or treatment of Multiple System Atrophy,  and Young Life (a former BRLS student serves overseas as a youth counselor for that nonprofit), and offerings were also directed to help with various local charities.

About the church…

Trinity Lutheran Church may not be where you attend worship, but any student is always welcome to attend any church service, Sunday School (Bible Study), event, or join youth group activities, including youth group trips, Vacation Bible School, or summer/holiday camps. (Many of those participating will become your BRLS classmates!)

Trinity Lutheran Church gathers as a community on Sundays and Mondays to hear God’s message of grace for us and how it applies to our everyday lives. All are welcome.

And, even if you have a pastor to talk with, the pastors and church workers of Trinity Lutheran are always ready to listen. Their offices are located here (on our school campus near the principal’s office) and you will see and meet them as they visit classes during the school year. You or your parents are always welcome to contact:

Pastor Dave Buss - “Pastor Dave” is the senior pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church and had three children attend Baton Rouge Lutheran School. He has served as both a Vicar and Associate Pastor. We just kept calling him back again and again to continue his service!

About your fellow students…

There are times that every student is a little nervous and uncertain. Realize that you and your peers may show it in different ways. If you remember the “Golden Rule” – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. – you should get along with everyone. But, if you have any sort of problem with classmates, talk with a teacher or your parents. Let them help you find ways to be a friend to everyone. 

The older students at Trinity Lutheran School often have a unique opportunity to mentor younger students with reading, writing, or activities that are beyond their physical skills. (The teachers have planned activities that allow older students to share experiences as they help younger students.)  The younger students look forward to learning and being with you and you will become a special "big friend" to them. Your teacher will guide you in what to do and will encourage you to be a good listener and friend to those who are younger.

What does it mean to be a TLS Dolphin?
  • It means being part of a school and church family that cares about you as an individual child of God.
  • It means being part of a community of adults and students that respects and encourages each other.
  • It means embracing opportunities to use talents in athletics, music, art, technology, and many other areas.
  • It means developing leadership skills to direct and participate in activities.
  • It means serving others willingly.
  • It means supporting your friends when they play sports, perform, or try something new.
  • It means forming friendships that last a lifetime while growing in faith that lasts for eternity.
  • It means wearing your Spirit Shirt with pride.
  • It means building a firm foundation that will support you as you step out into the world.
  • It means giving thanks to God for the gifts He has given you.
  • It means giving glory to God in all things.