For Parents

Welcome! We know that if you send your child to Baton Rouge Lutheran School, you will have entrusted us with your most prized possession. We want to be your partner in your child’s educational journey.

As a school, we take great pride in the frequency of our communications and quality of our interactions with parents and students. We provide the traditional types of school communications -- detailed family handbook for reference, a staff directory and a family directory to encourage parent-teacher and parent-parent contact, face-to-face conferences as often as desired, and both public and private websites so we can share information quickly and appropriately. But our efforts don’t stop there….

E-mailed Communications

The principal prepares briefly stated information and timely reminders that are normally shared via e-mail with school families. These brief e-mails may inform parents of school events, the monthly lunch menu, parenting information, immediate volunteer opportunities, family devotion recommendations, special flyers, or time-sensitive forms. (Printed copies of e-mails will be sent home with students whose parents have no Internet access.  Unfortunately, there is often a delay of at least one day.)

Additional school-wide e-mails may be sent by members of the school office staff. 

Student- or class-specific e-mails may be sent (by classroom teachers, club sponsors or coaches) to parents, or to parents and students.  (Any e-mails addressed to 5th-8th grade students are also sent to their parents.)

Preschool-Grade 8 Class Newsletters -- Weekly

Teachers prepare class newsletters to communicate classroom and curricular expectations, help students effectively plan their week, use study time wisely, and encourage parent and guardian interest in each student's academic life. These may be attached to e-mails sent by teachers, but are also available on Plus Portals.  (Printed copies of newsletters will be sent home with students whose parents have no Internet access.)

Plus Portals

Parents, students and teachers are all linked through their access to our private website, Plus Portals. Plus Portals helps each parent stay involved in, and supportive of, their child’s educational progress.  There are directories to encourage communication by phone or e-mail.  Periodically there are online forms for easy family-to-school communication as well.

Dolphin Sights

Every other month the admissions counselor provides digital "good news" with a visual focus for school families, alumni, and others expressing an interest in the school. There are always lots of photographs involved! Contributions of digital photographs are welcomed and may be e-mailed to

Dolphin Deeds

Alternating months with Dolphin Sights, the admissions counselor provides printed and mailed newsletters to families and friends of the school.  These newsletters focus on the children, their activities and accomplishments.  Articles about classes, clubs and school activities highlight the who, what, when, where, why, and how of learning at Baton Rouge Lutheran School.  Contributions of digital photographs are welcomed and may be e-mailed to


 A parent volunteer maintains a Baton Rouge Lutheran School Facebook group page, monitoring content and posting interesting content and photographs to share internally.  Anyone is welcome to ask to become a member of our group page if they have an interest in our school.  View content at --