Family Handbook

A handbook is defined as a type of reference work, or other collection of instructions, that is intended to provide ready reference. Baton Rouge Lutheran’s Family Handbook fits that description. Provided in print form at parent orientation (parent-only event in late summer), we post an electronic copy to allow our parents easy access to information about everything from the hours of the school day to how we insure the safety of students, from extracurricular opportunities to which stores sell our school uniforms, and much more.

No handbook, including ours, can be all-inclusive for every situation and our staff and teachers are always available to answer questions. Our Family Handbook covers a wide range of topics important to parents and students.

2017-2018 Family Handbook

Table of Contents


Nondiscrimination Policy
School Hours
New Students
      Entrance Age Requirements, Birth Certificate, Health Records

Spiritual Development

Family Involvement
BRLS Fundraising

Role of the Parents
Cooperating With Separated or Divorced Parents
Parent-Teacher Conferences
Line of Communication
School Board Meeting Policy
Parent To Classroom Communication
Parent To Parent Communication
Website for Visitors
Website for Students & Parents
School Directory/Publicity
Classroom Observations
Change of Address/Telephone/Information
Student Safety
Emergency School Closing

Homework/Daily Work
     Zap Program
Student Grades
Honors Recognition
Special Learning Needs
Student-Owned Technology Tools (Grades 6-8)
Summer Reading
Proficiency Exams

Student Health Concerns
      Wellness Policy, Communicable Diseases, Illness,
      Food Allergies, Medication

Dropping Off & Picking Up Children
      Prekindergarten, Grades K-8
Bus Guidelines
      Bus Behavior, Bus Discipline, Bus Stop Safety

Dress Code
Uniforms (Preschool & Prekindergarten)
      Preschool and Prekindergarten Boys
      Preschool and Prekindergarten Girls
      Both Boys and Girls (PS & PK)
Uniforms (Kindergarten – Grade 8)
      Kindergarten-Grade 8 Boys
      Kindergarten-Grade 8 Girls
      Both Boys and Girls (K-8)
Other Dress Requirements (Preschool – Grade 8)
Spirit Shirt Days (Kindergarten – Grade 8)
“No Uniform Required Days” (Preschool – Grade 8)

Safe School Environment
Anti-Bullying and No Harassment Policy
Software and Internet Policies
Discipline Policy
Consequences of Misconduct
Conduct Grade Guidelines
      Eighth Grade Trip
General Rules of Conduct
School Property

Extracurricular Opportunities
Extracurricular Activities
Extracurricular Eligibility

Extended Care Program
        Locations, Costs, Non-School & Early Dismissal Days,
        Pick-Up Delays & Late Pick-Up Policy, Security

General Information
Additional Information for Parents of Preschool Children
      Preschool Water Play
      Confidentiality of Preschool Children’s Records
      Field Trips & Transportation of Preschool Children
      Preschool Complaint Procedures
Food & Drink (Kindergarten – Grade 8)
Parties (Preschool-Grade 8)
      Parties Outside the Classroom
      Classroom Birthday Treats
      Classroom Parties
Field Trips (Preschool-Grade 8)
School Supplies

Financial Responsibilities
Payment of Fees and Other Money Transactions
Tuition Payments
Other Financial Policies

     Baton Rouge Lutheran School Philosophy
     Shopping for Baton Rouge Lutheran School Uniforms