Become A New TLS Student

We are so glad you have decided to apply! 

Trinity Lutheran School (TLS) welcomes applications from students desiring a challenging academic program within a Christian environment. The admission process has different requirements for different ages and grade levels, but all share a common goal.

We are eager to get to know your child and your family, and we welcome the opportunity to share how TLS teaches and prepares students for life. It is our desire to help your child follow a spiritual, developmental path towards knowing and growing through Jesus Christ.

Each applicant is evaluated for acceptance, to differing degrees, on readiness, sense of responsibility, desire to succeed, and the strength of academic achievement. We are not a school in search of perfect children or perfect students. We truly believe every child is a unique creation of God, the Father, and we want to help each child develop to their full potential. We welcome students who possess the motivation, ability, character, and desire to succeed in a spiritually caring environment.


Step-by-Step Enrollment -- just six easy steps!

1. Parents are encouraged to make an appointment to visit the school for a one-on-one tour. As you tour the campus, look in on classes, and briefly visit with teachers and staff who will interact with your child.   When you visit with us, you will receive a full packet of enrollment materials and school information.  Enrollment is ongoing.

2.  Applying for admission has been greatly simplified -- if you have access to an Internet-capable computer or device.  Completing an online application form is quick and easy!  Our school office will receive notification of your child's application once you select "submit".  If you later wish to make any changes to the information you submitted online, please contact the school office by phone (225) 272-1288 or email us at

All applications are dated and time-stamped upon receipt.

2020-2021 Registration Procedures
Online 2020-2021 Application for Enrollment
Reference:  2020-2021 Registration Fee, Tuition, & Childcare Information

3.  A nonrefundable payment to hold a child's place for the next school year must accompany each application.   (The application is dated and listed as "received" when the appropriate payment is received.)

  • For applications received between November 1 and December 31 a deposit of $50 is required (which includes the Admission Fee.)   
  • For applications received between January 1 and June 30 a deposit of at least 1/2 of the full amount of the combined Registration Fee and the Admission Fee is required.                            
How to make a payment to accompany the application and hold a child's place?   Directions for setting up an account with FACTS Tuition Management are included in the application process.  Trinity Lutheran School is notified when payments have been processed.

4. For every grade level there are documents that are also needed to apply to Trinity Lutheran School, but they vary depending upon the grade level your student is entering.  Documentation required in support of the application must be provided by the parents or guardians before a meeting with the school principal can be scheduled.  These forms are specified during the application process, and will included a copy of birth certificate, current immunization record (with expiration date), and referral form.

5. A meeting between the school principal and the applicant, and his/her parent(s) or guardian(s), is required. An interview appointment will be scheduled once all admissions paperwork and payment have been received. Student acceptance is normally determined during the Family Interview. (Typically, there is no formal testing of students. The interview includes an informal assessment of the student, but it is also an opportunity for parents and student to learn even more about the school and for the principal and parents to discuss whether TLS can provide all the services and support the student may require.)

If parents are separated or divorced, the parent(s) or guardian(s) will be asked to complete a Multiple Household Form to explain the applicant's living arrangements and discuss the sharing of school information prior to the family interview.

 6. Finally, within ten days of your Family Interview, select your tuition payment method.  Our goal is always to help your family afford a Christ-centered education for your child. Options for payment include monthly payment plans that allow you to choose when and how you make your payments:

We cannot serve every student who applies for admission.  Our small classes, caring environment and dedicated teachers allow us to help most students learn and grow, but some students are in need of specialized assistance.  Trinity Lutheran School does consider all requests for reasonable accommodation, but it is limited in its ability to serve students. The responsibility to inform TLS of the nature of a student's disability and request an accommodation lies with the parent or guardian. On a case-by-case basis, the school principal will consider the school’s ability to meet the needs of prospective students and discuss options for accommodations during the Family Interview.

Following our acceptance of a new student, any family may begin the process to apply for need-based tuition assistance. (Information will be provided, upon request, during the interview with the Principal.)  The earlier you complete the application process and then the tuition assistance process, the better.  Tuition assistance determinations are made on a rolling basis until all assistance funds are depleted.