Basic Facts


Trinity Lutheran School (TLS) has been providing a quality, caring, Christ-centered education to students since 1957. The school is a ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church (TLC), Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, as is Trinity Lutheran Preschool (Infants-age 4). which share our campus.  Our programs and staff are State Approved by the Louisiana Department of Education.

Students attend classes in a three-building complex. Facilities include 5 mulitgrade classrooms and instructional areas, a 7,000-volume computerized library, and playground areas, as well as administrative and support areas, storage and work rooms. Trinity Lutheran Church facilities (including the sanctuary and administration building) are also available for use by the school.

Classrooms contain multiple desktop computer stations for individual or small group student use, but there are Chromebooks provided for the use of each student in grades 3 - 8. (Internet access is campus-wide and can be made via wired or wireless service. All access is filtered for student safety. Any computer usage takes place under adult supervision.)

Opportunities for parent involvement are well publicized. Adult family members are encouraged to support the school through volunteerism and activism -- and support their students with attention to school communications, including resources such as this website and a restricted-access website that communicates private, protected student information. 


Class Size Limits:  Kindergarten - 20, First Grade - 20, Second Grade - 22, Third Grade - 22, Fourth Grade - 25, Fifth Grade - 25, Sixth Grade - 25, Seventh Grade - 25, and Eighth Grade - 25

Administration, Faculty & Staff

Total Faculty & Staff: 7                                      Full Time: 6                      Part Time: 1

TLS is served by a Principal, School Secretary, Business Manager, Librarian, and Volunteer Coordinator.  TLS' state-approved, qualified classroom teachers are joined by teachers of Religion, Physical Education, Computer, Art, Music (vocal), and Foreign Language.  The Band (instrumental music) teacher is a contracted employee.

At no cost to our school or families:  East Baton Rouge Parish School System provides Title I academic tutoring to 1st-5th grade students meeting federally-mandated qualifications and speech and occupational therapists to serve students meeting EBRPSS guidelines.  The school bus and driver are provided by EBRPSS at no cost to the school or students.  (Only TLS students travel on the bus going to or from school daily.)

School lunches are brought on campus by a contracted caterer.  Nourishing meals are provided (at lunchtime only) as an optional service to students and staff.  Menus are provided for an entire month (prior to the start of each month) detailing daily meals.

Tuition & Fees

Costs to attend Trinity Lutheran School vary according to grade level and Trinity Lutheran Church membership.  The costs for registration and/or tuition are also impacted by discounts available to families with multiple children attending the school.

Costs for childcare -- outside of normal school hours or days when classroom instruction does not take place -- vary as well.  Importantly, childcare is not a service you "sign up for" and pay whether your child is present or absent simply because you are "committed" to utilize the service.  Charges for childcare only appear on a TLS statement when a student utilizes the service.  Again there may be applicable discounts available to families with multiple children utilizing this optional service.

2020-2021 Registration Fee, Tuition, & Childcare Information

Hours of Operation

Students begin classes at 8:15 a.m. and are dismissed at 3:30 p.m.
Available for all students, before school care begins at 7:00 a.m. and after school care ends at 6:00 p.m.

The school office is open from 7:45 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. Prospective students and their families can schedule visits during or after regular school hours if they wish to tour the school and learn about the Christ-centered education we provide.  Whether the school office is open or closed, an automated voice mail system can record phone messages for specific faculty and staff members.

School Year

The school year is divided into 2 semesters of 18 weeks, with each semester divided into two quarters.   (Basic and detailed calendars inform parents of important dates, events and holidays.)

Academic progress is reported using mid-quarter reports for the lower grades and/or nine-week report cards for all grades. (Teachers of grades 3-8 utilize electronic grading software to post student assignment and cumulative grades each week making mid-quarter reports redundant.) Parents/guardians and students are provided restricted-website access codes so grades and other information can be reviewed.


Daily religion classes provide sequential and developmentally appropriate instruction.  Weekly all-school chapels are normally held every Wednesday morning.  (Family and friends are welcome to worship with students at chapel services.)

The state-approved academic curriculum is enriched by classes in physical education, computer, art, music (vocal and instrumental), and foreign language. What & How We Teach provides detailed teacher-written curriculum guides for each grade level.  Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (national achievement tests) are only administered to students in grades 3-8.


Participation in Boys and Girls Basketball, Boys Flag Football, Girls Volleyball, Track & Field, and Cheerleading are an option for students in grades 3-8.

Activities, Clubs & Youth Organizations

Students are encouraged to participate in service to others through monthly all-school service projects and Christ's Children Care (where classes adopt Trinity Lutheran Church elderly members, home-bound or living in nursing homes, as well as college students, new-born infants, military personnel, and others.)  Each grade level also has the opportunity to prepare and present a chapel worship service for the student body during each school year.

  • The Mixin' & Fixin' Club, a cooking club open to students in grades 3-5, meet to master useful cooking skills, and each member maintains a personal cooking diary.
  • A Yearbook Club, open to students in grades 7 -8, participates in the computerized design of the annual yearbook, and provides trained student photographers who assist classroom teachers and school staff by taking digital photographs.
  • A Junior Honor Society is open to junior high students meeting organization qualifications.

TLS is the meeting site for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts (with organizational meetings each fall). Trinity Lutheran Church provides opportunities for all young people to participate in worship services and utilize their vocal and instrumental music skills, as well as youth group activities. TLS students are invited to participate in any of these extracurricular activities.

Special Services

Free bus transportation to and from school, provided by an East Baton Rouge Parish School System bus and driver, involves a city-wide loop with a series of community stops (public library, area park, small shopping centers, etc.)

Bus Route & Stops

Before and after school care, hot lunch program, on-site speech therapy, access to tutoring, and the convenience of school uniforms are offered to assist and accommodate families.

Student Safety

By being proactive and responsible guardians of our students, we have had no security issues at our school. Visitors to our campus are required to report first to the office for a visitor's badge. (Buildings are entered by school staff with a key. Doors are always secure.) Visitors are only admitted after ringing a doorbell, being viewed on an internal video system camera, and having a door opened via the release of a magnetic lock.

Students can travel within their building in safety, and only travel between school buildings in pairs or under the supervision of an adult. Our students have also been taught to tell the nearest faculty or staff member if they see anyone on campus who has no visitor's badge. Anytime students are outdoors -- for recess, physical education, or other learning activity -- they are closely supervised by school personnel who have basic first aid supplies at hand.

Intercom and telephone systems permit conversations between classrooms, and between teachers and administrators. Every classroom and instructional area has a telephone that can be used for internal and external communications in the case of any emergency.

Regular safety drills are held for all grade levels at various times of the day throughout the school year. Drills for fire, dangerous weather situations, and intruder alerts allow our students to be prepared to work cooperatively and follow instructions for the well-being of all.

On-campus classes in CPR and First Aid are offered annually to our faculty and staff to ensure each employee is qualified to provide prompt, appropriate care for students experiencing ill health or injury.

The campus speed limit is 10 mph. During the school day a section of our school parking may be blocked to limit entry or exit of automobile or foot traffic.

All TLS employees have had their credentials and references verified and have been fingerprinted and researched by the Louisiana State Police. All TLS volunteers who work with children during the school day,  in after school sports programs, or travel on overnight field trips are fingerprinted and researched by the Louisiana State Police prior to any interaction with students.

TLS has a detailed Crisis Management Plan in place to appropriately cope with any emergency.

For Further Information

Office hours are 7:45 a.m.- 4:15 p.m., Central Time. Enrollment information and guided tours are available to interested families.  Please contact the school office by phone (225) 272-1288, or e-mail to make an appointment to tour the school.