National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA) is a process of self-evaluation followed by a visit of objective observers designed to help Lutheran schools improve the quality of their programs. The process is completely voluntary and available for every school operated by a single congregation, by an association of congregations, or by a Recognized Service Organization of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod or the Lutheran Church—Canada.

NLSA is a rigorous national accrediting process designed to evaluate schools based on their unique purpose as Lutheran schools. It helps schools evaluate not only the quality of the academics and programs, but also, most importantly, the spiritual dimension of the school. The "Standards for Lutheran Schools" and report forms are similar to those used by other accrediting agencies, both secular and religious.

Accreditation is an ongoing process of self-evaluation, improvement and recognition based on national standards, with annual reports submitted each year following the awarding of accreditation.  Baton Rouge Lutheran School is completing the renewal process for another five years of accreditation with the assistance of school and church staff, school faculty, alumni, and school families, as well as with the support of members of Trinity Lutheran Church.