About TLS

Trinity Lutheran School has enjoyed the start of the 2019-2020 school year in our new location at 15160 S. Harrell's Ferry Road, and we are making plans to continue providing an "Education Anchored In Christ" to the students of TLS in the same familiar ways during this next school year. 

Everyday we share the wonder, amazement and joy of an eternal relationship with Jesus Christ. We offer an education that addresses the whole child – social, intellectual, emotion, physical, and spiritual – through developmentally appropriate instruction that helps each student achieve his or her full potential.  

A well-rounded education at Trinity Lutheran School includes the “basics” of a strong academic foundation.  We also recognize the importance, at various grade levels, of Art, Vocal Music, Band, Physical Education, Library, Computer Skills, Study Skills, and Foreign Language. 

We are a school staffed by educators who focus on helping students learn while encouraging them to love learning.  As Christians, who happen to be educators, we believe that God loves every person unconditionally – child and adult – and that He asks us to always teach with love and kindness.  

Trinity Lutheran School is distinctive in its goals, means and methods.  Our Christ-centered school continues its long tradition of taking a consistent approach to educating students.  We blend what has historically worked well with the newest methods and technology.  We concentrate on being caring and flexible in meeting the needs of each student, working to maximize his or her capabilities and God-given talents. 

Trinity Lutheran School is doing what we believe should be done while reaching for the same goals.

We want each child to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for success as a citizen and a Christian adult.  Our academic goals for every subject meet or exceed state standards.  Nationally standardized achievement test scores of our students have always surpassed both parish and state averages.  We educate our students in a safe, loving atmosphere that minimizes pressure and frustration so they can possess a positive feeling about lifelong learning. 

Parents and teachers have the opportunity to form a long-term partnership; a partnership nurtured by constant communication and a mutual love of children.  We believe that happy children who are part of the same school family during their formative years, surrounded by those who love and care about them, can be encouraged to thrive and blossom into the adults that God intends them to be.  

If you are interested in what we can do -  read more, call us, come and visit, and ask questions.  We have a lot to share!

 Phone(225) 272-1288         

Visit:  15160 S. Harrell's Ferry Rd., Baton Rouge, LA 70816