Camp Restore Baton Rouge

If you need flood assistance contact Nick Butcher (989) 274-5953 

We recall God’s Word in Romans 8:35-39 as we take heart that tribulation, distress, nor anything is all creation can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Widespread devastation from flooding has ravaged our communities in and around Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Countless people and families have been displaced from their homes and some have lost everything. Here at Trinity, BRLS, and TLCDC  175 of our church, school and CDC families and staff have been hit by flood waters.

In the aftermath of tragedy the people of South Louisiana are banding together with selfless service and loving actions that testify to the strength and resilience of our communities.  We look forward to the great things that God has planned as he can work all things together for good (Romans 8:28). Here at Trinity we have set up Camp Rstore Baton Rouge to help the poeple of this city recover from the devestation of the flood. 


What is camp restore?

Camp Restore Baton Rouge is a disaster response camp established after the floods in August of 2016. The camp houses, feeds, and provides work for up to 50 volunteers. The volunteers come from all over the country to serve the poeple of Baton Rouge. If you are interested in finding out more or to register contact Nick Butcher or visit



How can camp restore help me?

Camp Restore can provide many different service ranging from small to large. We can provide cleaning supplies (excluding mold remediation spray) and Flood buckets if you are still in need of such items. We can gut homes, install sheetrock, paint, assist with yard work, and perform many other tasks. Assistance requests are prioritized based on many different critera, but we try to get to each home within 3 weeks. All labor is performed by volunteers. If you need help finding food, water, clothing, shelter, medical needs, Government assistance, etc. There is a living directory of services that can assist the people and families who have been affected by the August 2016 flood disaster -


How can I help camp restore and flooded families?

If you would like to support Camp Restore Baton Rouge please contact Nick Butcher for a list of their current needs or check out our Amazon wish list. You may also donate to Trinity Lutheran's Flood Assistance Fund


I would like to volunteer, what do I do?

Local Volunteers:  Please call Nick Butcher and tell us when you can work.    We have some paperwork that we want you to fill out for your first assignment. 

Out of Area Volunteers: We have partnered with Camp Restore New Orleans to facilitate the intake of volunteers from outside of Louisiana. Fill out our intake form. One you have filled out the form, Renee from Camp Restore will be in contact with you to finalize your arrangements. 



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